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Train for strength in the safest way possible.

We're proud to be the only gym in Northeast Florida to carry the BILT line of strength training machines. Started in 1989 as a collaboration between Andre Agassi and Gil Reyes to create a strength system that would elevate Andre to the highest levels of athletic performance, the goal has been to efficiently train for strength in the safest possible way.

On the cutting edge of both technology and design.

With over 40 years of innovation, Life Fitness is still the global leader of the fitness industry. Precise lines and a strikingly modern aesthetic. Intelligent touches and subtle design elements that result in a natural feel. Body Control carries several lines of Life Fitness machines, including their technology-driven Discover tablet consoles built into all our cardio equipment.

Training and group exercise optimized.

Ever wondered if your training is as efficient as you’d like it to be? Reaching your workout targets has never been this easy: when you see the heart rate zone you should be aiming at and get immediate guidance from the instructor all along the way, you know you’re on track.